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Make/Model Parts Short block Heads Info Price
FORD 347 STROKER forged pistons, molly rings,
premium engine bearings,
hv oil pump, double roler timing kit
hydraulic roller camshaft/lifter kit
new forged crank, conn rods
roller rockers, hardened pugs rods
new oil pan, front timing cover
harmonig balancer,
edelbrok alum air gap intake manifold
block thermally heat
cleaned bored and
micro honed oversized
balanced assembly
edelbrock alum cylinder head
with stainless steel valves
dyno tested and tuned package
fuel recommendation 94 octane
450 HP
400FT/lbs torque
compression 9.8 to 1

383 CHEV STOKER 425hp forged flat top pistons, moly rings, forged "H" beam rods, new 3.750 cast steel crankshaft, double roller timing kit, high volume oil pump, hydraulic roller camshaft/lifters, hardened push rods, alum roller rockers, hs gaskets bored and micro honed over size, align honed mains, decks resurfaced, balanced and blue printed assembly vortec cast cylinder heads, multi-angle valve job, 2.02/.160 stainless steel valves, performance valve springs/retainers, hardened locks dyno test results 425hp @5700 450ft/lbs torque at 4500 rpm, this engine for is street use using octane rating of 94, recommended carb holley 770 street avenger $6450
355cu in SBC hyperutectic Pistons
Powderd Con-Rods
Eldebrock Intake
double roller timing set
bored micro honed oversize, crankshaft machined
performance camshaft /lifter
Vortec cyl. Heads Ported
393 lbs/tq at 4600 RPM
363 H.P at 5400 RPM
350 Chev. 400 HP Engine Eagle-Steel Con-Rods
roller rockers
Hydraulic roller cam/lifters
Edelbrock Intake
Forged Pistons.
FM Moly Rings
Late Model Vortec block/heads
CNC Bored. Mains align honed
Decks resurfaced
Electronically balanced
Cylinder Heads Ported Polished
2.020/1.600 Stainless Steel Valves
Multi Angle Valve Job,
Bonze valve guide liners
New Valve Springs Locks
350 Chev. 380 HP Engine Gm 4 bolt main block
hyperutectic flat top pistons,
Moly rings, Premium engine
bearings, gm powder
metal conn rods,
arp rod bolts,precision machined 
crankshaft, performance
camshaft, lifters, true roller
timing kit, severe duty head
gaskets, high volume oil
pump, edelbrock performer
intake manifold, new oil pan,
timing cover, chrome valve
Bored and micro honed oversize,
dynamically balanced,
aligned-honed mains,block resurfaced
Vortec cyl Heads
ported and polished
Stainless steel 2.02/1.600 valves
Elebrock performer intake manifold
New oil pan, timing cover
Chrome Valve covers
350 Chev. 295 HP Engine.. 85-older carb type Hypereutectic flat top 9 to 1 pistons
Speed Pro Rings, performance camshaft/lifters
double roller timing kit
ACL alum bearings
HD head gaskets
Block Thermal Heat Cleaned
CNC Bored, Align Honed
Rods Re-Sized, block resurfaced
1.940 Intake, 1.600 Exhaust Valves
Multi-Angle Valve Job
New Springs & Locks
Resurfaced, Pressure Tested
options alum performance intake, carburator, new oil pan, harmonic balancer $2350 + Exchange