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One of the interesting links that we suggest you read would be what you get when rebuilding auto engine.

What do you get in a reman engine?

When you choose a reman engine, you kiss your old engine and its nagging problems goodbye. In exchange, you get a “like new” engine that has been completely remanufactured from the block up. In addition to using many new components, the block, crankshaft and other durable parts are cleaned and remachined to original factory specifications.

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Engine Rebuilding Tips – Repair Options

When an engine needs major repairs, you are faced with an important choice: you can replace the engine with a new, remanufactured or used engine, or you can repair or rebuild the original engine.

Replacing an engine with a brand new one is usually too expensive for many people’s budgets, so the choices come down to a remanufactured engine (or short block), a used engine (and the risks that go with it), or overhauling or repairing the engine yourself. A used engine is a temporary fix at best, and only buys the current owner a little more time. Sooner or later, most used engines experience problems of their own and have to be replaced or rebuilt, too.

Remanufactured engines are a popular option these days because they are readily available at competitive prices, which has caused a decline in the number of engines being custom rebuilt (“repowered”) by repair facilities and machine shops. A quality remanufactured engine can provide good value for the investment, and most come with a 90-day to one-year warranty. Even so, there are still valid reasons for doing your own engine work. more about this on the following link

Of course if you ever decide to take the challenge of rebuilding an auto engine we encourage you to do a bit of research to help you understand what it takes to complete such task.

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