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Crosstown Engines Remanufactured Engines

Crosstown Engine Remanufacturing is family owned and operated since 1965. We have the most complete and modern engine rebuilding machine shop in Canada. We Provide complete gas and diesel engine rebuilding for Domestic, Japanese and European engines.

Crosstown Engines Remanufacturing offers various types of machine shop operations which meet the needs of "do it yourself" to the automotive shop. Crankshaft grinding and repair, dynamic engine balancing, thermal heat cleaning, engine dynometer testing and cylinder head flow evaluation are just some of the machine shop operations that we perform.

How Crosstown Rebuilds Engines: See article in SSGM on Crosstown's 'Remanufactured, Not Rebuilt'.

CrossTown Engines is Echo Friendly* Echo Friendly - Cross Town Engines

*company whose products, services or corporate practice stand out in terms of environmental commitment.
The company was identified through a rigorous selection process built in partnership with TerraChoice, a leading environmental firm and manager of the EcoLogoM program - Canada’s standard for environmental excellence.



Technical Tips for Engines

Technical Tips for Engines - CrossTown Engines - Remanufactured Engines One of the interesting links that we suggest you read would be what you get when rebuilding auto engine. What do you get in a reman engine? When you choose a reman engine, you kiss your old engine and its nagging problems goodbye. In exchange, …

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