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Remanufactured engines include the following: Oversize pistons, rings, rod main and camshaft bearing, oil pump plug kit, camshaft, lifters overhaul gasket kit. Machine work: Block thermally heat cleaned bored and honed oversize align honed mains block deck resurfaced connecting-rods re-sized crankshaft machined undersize cylinder head's reconditioned with bronze guide liners. Engines are spin-tested to our strict quality standard. Check our Engine Prices
CrossTown Engines offers a great selection of diesel and heavy-duty engines at reasonable prices. Listed are just few of many brands/types of engines that we offer, for more detailed selection and pricing please call us at 416-691-2355 !
A "bullet series" engine is remanufactured for commercial or heavy duty use. They are fully machined as our regular remanufactured engine's with the addition of stronger engine component's that are available in the aftermarket. All "bullet series" engines are dynamically balanced assemblies, with hyper-eutectic piston's moly rings, hd oil pump and hd timing kits, upgraded valve train component's, severe duty head gasket's, + many other items. Engines come complete with oil pan and front timing covers installed.
A remanufactured marine engine is not the same as a passenger car and light truck application, for marine use requires special engine parts such as marine camshaft proile, brass freeze plugs, stainless steel fire ring (severe duty) head gaskets, syperutectic pistons, special rings, and cylinder bore finishes, hd engine bearings, hd timing, hd oil well as other items depending on the application
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Technical Tips for Engines

Technical Tips for Engines - CrossTown Engines - Remanufactured Engines One of the interesting links that we suggest you read would be what you get when rebuilding auto engine. What do you get in a reman engine? When you choose a reman engine, you kiss your old engine and its nagging problems goodbye. In exchange, …

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