The significance of exhaust gas turbochargers in future high-efficiency combustion engines is increasingly greatly. Without exhaust gas turbocharging, downsizing gasoline engines is unthinkable. Almost all modern diesel engines are turbocharged. Turbochargers guarantee an excellent torque curve and high engine output. They are also indispensable for complying with ever stricter emissions limits.

CrossTownEngines offer following turbochargers: Mahle Turbochargers, Holset Turbochargers, Garrett Turbochargers
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Turbochargers Inventory

ProductLineLitersPart numberPrice
Ford E-350/E-450 Ecoline, Club Wagon MAHLE014TC26158000$ 1350
Ford E-350/E-450 Club Wagon and Super Duty MAHLE014TC26159000$ 1650
Ford E-350 Club Wagon and Super DutyMAHLE014TC26159100$ 1150
Ford E-350/E-450 Econoline, Club Wagon MAHLE015TC21003000$ 1350
Dodge Truck 2007-2009 2500-3500 RAM VGT MAHLE286TC21101100$ 1850
Dodge RAM 2500-3500 2004.5-2006 MAHLE286TC25042000$ 1850
VW ALH Turbo Diesel, Beetle 1998-20MAHLE1.9 L030TC15116000$ 1250
Dodge Truck 6BTA 2000-2002 Auta 24MAHLE5.9 L286TC25004000$ 1450
Ford Powerstroke 2003-2004 THRU 11MAHLE6 L015TC21006100$ 1450
Ford Truck Powerstroke MAHLEMAHLE6.4 L014TC21101100$ 1250
GM Truck Diesel 1997-2001MAHLE6.5 L599TC21102000$ 1150
GM Duramax LBZ Turbo DieselMAHLE6.6 L599TC21006100$ 1450
GM Duramax LMM Turbo DieselMAHLE6.6 L599TC21007100$ 1450

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